Our Mission:

Building Systemic Solutions Together

Our Vision:

Active Residents.

Engaged Community.

Equitable Opportunities.

Thriving Grant County.

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Our Mission

Thriving Families, Thriving Grant County is a Collective Impact process that enables Grant County community members to address complex social issues through cross-sector participation within the three networks of Community Development, Family Well-Being, and Talent Pipeline.

“Not a moment but a movement.”



Our Collective Impact

Collective impact is a process that enables communities to address complex social issues such as education, poverty, and health. As the name implies, it takes the collective effort of community stakeholders to make an impact on such problems. “Collective impact” is not just another name for “collaboration;” it requires communities to meet these five specific conditions for achieving success: a common agenda, shared measurements, collaborative action, continuous communication, and backbone support. It provides missing ingredients that often cause efforts at collaboration to fail.

Collective impact is typically defined as the long-term commitment by a group of stakeholders from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. In order for a collective impact effort to take root, certain preconditions for success need to exist. To learn what they are, click the “Learn More” button.


Our Working Groups

Working Groups focus on achieving results that no single entity can achieve alone. They work intentionally and collaboratively to “move the needle” on shared key indicators and overarching outcomes. Ideally, Working Groups consist of representatives from all sectors (Social, Public, or Private) relevant to their specific group. Working Groups become learning groups by sharing and discovering research, finding the best practices, and by conducting and learning from experiments of promising strategies before endeavoring to bring them to scale. The use of data for decision making and for tracking improvement is critical.


Basic Needs

Ensures families have knowledge, skills, and support to meet basic needs and progress toward self-suffiency.


Share effective parenting knowledge and skills using multiple delivery systems that honor diverse values and cultures.

Healthy Living

Helps families access resources to lead physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually healthy lives.

Neighborhood Engagement

Encourage residents to co-create safe, healthy and attractive places to live to in order to facilitate growth.

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Our Board of Directors

The Thriving Families, Thriving Grant County Board of Directors is a group comprised of cross-sector community partners representative of the relevant countywide ecosystem the provides the direction for TFTGC, ensuring measurable goals are being met, and champions its work.


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